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Nitro is a typed Javascript-like scripting language. It is shared by PowerUI and SoundStudio to provide high levels of flexibility and familiarity. Nitro is part of the free Wrench framework; It is provided in this way as projects including both SoundStudio's player and PowerUI should only include Wrench once.

"Javascript like"? What's the difference?

Nitro is very similar (and almost identical to) Unity3D Javascript, which in turn has similarities to standard Javascript except Nitro is compiled at runtime - it's not compiled into the game when used in Unity. Here's the main differences between Nitro and standard Javascript.

Like Unities Javascript, Nitro is typed too.

Nitro supports casting. This is used to turn something from one type into another if it's able to.

Array creation is typed and removes ambiguity between an array of x length and an array with one element in it that happens to be a number.

Ok great, can I give it a try?
Sure! The live sandbox (requires the unity webplayer) is great for messing around with Nitro.